Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From The Worshipful Master [elect]: VWBro F Pamplona

VWBro Fidel Pamplona with Sis Pen.


Thank you for entrusting to me the leadership of this young and vibrant Lodge [in the District]. As your Worshipful Master, "Teamwork" and "Network" are my first two guiding words to run our Lodge. As I, may represent the Wisdom of this Lodge, our Officers are the Strength; but the most important part is your individual roles as model members - will represent the Beauty of this Lodge!

[Brethren], there are many who perhaps in our members are wondering 'Where and what is my role in the Lodge?' Their questions: 'How can I impart my knowledge for the improvement of the Lodge?' 'Can I participate during the Management Committee Meetings?' Should I wait to be asked?'

Brethren, our Lodge is run by its members; from the Wor Master to the Entered Apprentices. Every member must contribute for the improvement of our Lodge - positive [and constructive] comments, attending rehearsals, taking understudies and participating in social activities are all signs of good qualities needed in our Lodge. Your participation and attendance therefore is a hundred percent required and [that our Lodge will be] surely lead to a Lodge of Excellence and a source of pride for our culture.

Who should be the Executive Officers of a Lodge? Doubtless these should include; at the very least, the Wor Master, Senior and Junior Wardens, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership and masoniCare [Caring] Officers. These officers should be capable of dealing with most issues [associated with their offices] that require an immediate response without the necessity of waiting to be dealt with in the next Business or Regular meeting.

Our social activities will be structured to provide a sufficient and balanced variety of social events to satisfy all members. We will invite our partners to socials and obtain commitment that they will in fact attend.

We will therefore work together to bring out the best in each of us; and then we apply our skills to help others. We will work on the 'network' to meet people, find our future resources and make connections in the community.

VWBro Fidel Pamplona, AGDC
Worshipful Master

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