Friday, October 30, 2020

14th Nov 2020 - Re-Installation Meeting


Photo shows the Wor Master with the newly Raised Brethren and their sponsors at our last face to face meeting in March 2020. (Photo by Nieto Photography)

After more than seven months of hiatus from face to face meetings, Wor Master Troy Quimpo will be Re-Installed this coming second Saturday, 14th of November 2020 at Castle Hill Masonic Temple.

All is not hiatus in this pandemic isolation and non-face to face meetings. The lodge must have tallied a record-breaking number of Zoom meetings from management meetings, regular meetings as well as various committee meetings. The most important one is updating the current Lodge By-Laws after ten years! This is a project that this Masonic year and the lodge should be proud of!

Due to Covid19 restrictions, a limited number of attendees can book (and according to our Lodge Secretary has been booked out!) and attend both the ceremony as well as the Installation banquet. Even our ladies won't be able to attend at this time, a first time in the history of LJR1045, a Re-Installation to give the current Wor Master more time to savour and experience his role, and the absence of our dear ladies.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Dec 2019 Rizal Day Commemoration

28 Dec, Saturday - 123rd Rizal Day Commemoration
(usually 30 December)
04:00 PM, Rizal Park, Abraham Street, Rooty Hill NSW
Fellowship to follow at the nearby residence of WBro Tony & Sis Chona.
Potluck, please.

Celebrated in the Philippines, and elsewhere where there is a large Filipino community around the world, on December 30 since 1898.  Rizal Day commemorates the death but more especially the life of Dr and our Bro Jose Rizal, a man many consider one of the greatest Filipino heroes.

"José Rizal – José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda – was born on June 19th, 1861. He was a novelist, poet, and ophthalmologist, but is really known for being a Filipino nationalist and revolutionary. For several years he lived in Europe, where he became part of the Propaganda Movement and advocated for reform in the Philippines. During this time, he wrote his first novel – Noli Me Tangere – a novel that chronicled the cruelties of Spain’s colonial rule in the Philippines. A book that made him a target when he returned briefly to the Philippines.
José would return to Europe and while there would write several more books and articles. Eventually, he would travel back to the Philippines in 1892 to further advocate for freedom in the Philippines. These actions resulted in his exile to Dapitan, Mindanao. While there, he took on patients and worked as a doctor.
Three years later, he would travel to Cuba to work as an army doctor. However, while he was there, Katipunan – a Filipino nationalist society revolted. Although José Rizal wasn’t affiliated with this particular group, he was arrested as a dissident. He was then subsequently convicted of sedition and received a death sentence. On December 30th, 1896 he was executed by firing squad. José Rizal was just thirty years old at the time.
His execution further solidified the opposition to Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines, and by 1898 Spanish rule over the country was finished. In 1898, President Emilio Aguinaldo declared December 30th as a national day of mourning for José Rizal and all other victims of Spanish rule. Rizal Day is celebrated to this day.

Customs, Traditions And Celebrations

Most of the official ceremonies performed on Rizal Day are performed at Rizal Park in the city of Manila. During this official ceremony, flags are flown at half-mast and the President of the Philippines lays a wreath on the shrine dedicated to Jose Rizal.
Most workers have the day off as a fully paid workday. However, those who do have to work on Rizal Day receive twice their normal day of wages."

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

November & December 2019 Calendar of Activities

09 Nov, Saturday - Lodge Jose Rizal No 1045 Installation
03:45 PM, Castle Hill Masonic Centre
Lounge suit (Barong Tagalog for members) Ladies invited

16 Nov, Saturday - District Charity BBQ
08:00 AM - 04:00 PM, Bunnings Marsden Park

23 Nov, Saturday - Lodge The Star of Australia No 200 Installation
05:00 PM, Castle Hill Masonic Centre
Lounge suit, Ladies invited to the Installation banquet ($35)

24 Nov, Sunday - AMFOP Open Invitational Bowling Competition
12:30 PM, Strathfield Superbowl, 546 Liverpool Rd, Strathfield South 2136
$30 per player, see Bro Reggie Acre for info and join LJR team of five.

25 Nov, Monday - Parramatta and The Hills Lodge of Instruction
07:30 PM, Castle Hill Masonic Centre
casual, craft regalia

28 Nov, Thursday - District 25 and 25A Association Meeting
07:30 PM, Castle Hill Masonic Centre

30 Nov, Lodge Education No 814 Installation
06:00 PM (Grand Lodge 7:00 PM), Petersham Masonic Centre
Eton for Grand Lodge, Ladies invited ($40)



07 Dec, Saturday - LJR Management Meeting & Rehearsals
03:00 PM, Castle Hill Masonic Centre

11 Dec, Wednesday - UGL NSW & ACT Grand Communication & Festive Dinner
07:30 PM, Sydney Masonic Centre
08:30 PM - Festive Dinner, Ladies invited $50.00 per person
Booking/RSVP at Eventbrite

14 Dec, Saturday - Lodge Jose Rizal No 1045 Emergent Meeting Raising 
01:00 PM, Castle Hill Masonic Centre

04:00 PM, LJR Family Christmas Party, Castle Hill Masonic Centre

28 Dec, Saturday - Rizal Day Commemoration
04:00 PM, Rizal Park, Abraham Street, Rooty Hill NSW
Fellowship to follow at WBro Tony & Sis Chona's residence nearby.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

LJR 1045 - 9th Nov 2019 Installation

Please RSVP for Installation Banquet otherwise you can attend the Installation Ceremony.

Ladies and friends invited to the Installation Banquet. See above for more details.

October 2019 LJR Annual Family & Team Building

Monday, September 2, 2019

September 2019 Calendar of Activities

07 Sept, Saturday - Lodge Woronora's Ladies Night
07:00 PM for 07:30 PM start, St George Masonic Club
86 Roberts Rd, Mortdale NSW 2223
$40 per person or $75 per couple

08 Sept, Sunday - Lodge Jose Rizal Management & Rehearsal Meeting
04:00 PM for 04:30 PM start, Castle Hill Masonic Centre

11 Sept, Wednesday - UGL NSW & ACT Re-Installation 
and Grand Communication and Banquet
06:00 PM, Sydney Masonic Centre
Ladies invited to the Re-Installation Banquet, $45 per person

13 Sept, Friday - Lodge West Epping No 731 [1st TB]
Joint meeting with Lodge Epping
07:30 PM, Castle Hill Masonic Centre

14 Sept, Saturday - Lodge Jose Rizal No 1045 Past Masters Night
06:00 PM, Castle Hill Masonic Centre

18 Sept, Wednesday - The Hills Lodge No 1025 Installation
06:30 PM, Castle Hill Masonic Centre

23 Sept, Monday - The Hills and Parramatta Lodge of Instruction
07:30 PM, Castle Hill Masonic Centre
Casual with regalia

26 Sept, Thursday - District 25/25A Association Meeting
07:30 PM, Castle Hill Masonic Centre


18 - 20 October, LJR Annual Team Building & Family Outing
Point Wolstoncroft Sport & Recreation Centre
Kanangra Drive, Gwandalan NSW 2259

See the Wor Master or the Senior Warden for more details.
Alternatively, see Lodge Jose Rizal's FB Event Page.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

August 2019 Calendar of Activities

05 Aug, Monday - Lodge of Antiquity No 1 [3rd]
07:00 PM, Sydney Masonic Centre

08 Aug, Thursday - Lodge Beecroft No 359 [1st]
07:30 PM, Castle Hill Masonic Centre

10 Aug, Saturday - LJR 1045 Management & Fellowship Meeting
05:30 PM for 6:00 PM, 8 Orwell St, Blacktown NSW 2148

11 Aug, Sunday - District Charity BBQ
08:00 AM - 04:00 PM, Bunnings Northmead

12 Aug, Monday - Lodge Galileo No 1019 [1st]
07:00 PM, Sydney Masonic Centre

14 Aug, Wednesday - Lodge Germania No 1036 FAME PRACTICE
06:00 PM, Lodge Room 4 Sydney Masonic Centre
Mainly for participants only.

15 Aug, Wednesday - Lodge Warringah No 83
A Lecture on the Ark of the Covenant
08:00 PM, Collaroy Masonic Centre
1183 Pittwater Road Collaroy NSW 2097

17 Aug, Saturday - Lodge Blacktown Kildare No 393 Installation
03:00 PM, Orchard Hills Masonic Centre 
Ladies invited, formal $60 per person or $100 per couple.

21 Aug, Wednesday - Lodge Germania No 1036 Emergent
06:45 PM Lodge Room 4, Sydney Masonic Centre

24 Aug, Saturday - Lodge France No 1021 Re-Installation
05:00 PM, Turramurra Masonic Centre
Ladies invited $45 dining fee. Lounge suit.

24 Aug, Saturday - Lodge Carnarvon No 172 Re-Installation
03:30 PM, 38-42 Elizabeth St Moss Vale NSW 2577
Ladies invited $45 dining fee.

26 Aug, Monday - Parramatta & Hills District Lodge of Instruction
07:30 PM, Castle Hill Masonic Centre
Smart casual with regalia

31 Aug, Saturday - Lodge Germania Hosts FAME Meeting
05:00 PM, Petersham Masonic Centre


Please support Lodge Woronora's Ladies Night on 7th September at
St George Masonic Club, 86 Roberts Avenue Mortdale NSW 2223.
For more info, tickets and RSVP, please contact RW Bro Manny Maniago.