Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reflections of a Traveller

Reflections on the Recent Past

My Dear Brothers,

I am enclosing this inspirational exhortation of our Worshipful Master, W Bro Russell Dobson.

The question is: "Do we really know each other that brotherly?" Let us discuss and suggest some more about how we should [and could] be close to each other in the spirit of brotherly love.

If you ask me where I gained my apprenticeship in Freemasonry, my reply is visiting Lodges not only inside but outside the District.

The Lodges of Instruction is another where we gain experience and make our mistakes. The Preceptor of the Lodge is always mindful of helping newcomers, welcoming and giving them roles in the Rituals. You may also ask questions, or you may practice your charges if you want. [This is where you are allowed to make mistakes.]

A new buzz is happening in the Windsor and Orchard Hill Masonic Centres.

The three Lodges at Windsor [Masonic Centre], i. e., Lodge Heritage, Lodge Seymour and Lodge Richard Coley are having a joint meeting. They will take turns in the Chair.What a wonderful idea!

At Orchard Hills [Masonic Centre], Lodge Emu Plains and Lodge Warragamba is having a friendly rivalry. They are trying to outdo each other in who has the bigger fraternals.

At Blacktown [Masonic Centre], we only have two Lodges, [Lodge Alpha being the other]. Lodge Blacktown-Kildare is being invigorated by more Degree work. That is great news. I believe we should visit them more often.

Last week at Lodge Seymour, I was surprised to see so many cars in the car park. The work of the evening was to pass two EAFs [Entered Apprentice Freemasons] from Lodge Blacktown-Kildare. The support given to their Apprentices was heart-warming. What filled the South was the two fraternals, and yes; from Lodge Emu Plain and Warragamba. I was the only visitor from [our] Lodge Alpha, but at least we were represented. Of course, I also represented Lodge Jose Rizal.

What about Lodge Jose Rizal 1045? It is the youngest Lodge in NSW and the ACT. If your weekdays are busy, do take time-out to visit this newest vibrant Lodge. It meets every 2nd Saturday of the odd month [beginning January] at the Castle Hills Masonic Centre, corner Northern and Showground roads. Tyling is at 7:00 pm, I think [Actually, tyling is at 6:00 pm, rehearshals at 7:00 pm, click here for more details]. The first meeting after Consecration is on March 13, a Saturday. I am certain, the Lodge room will be jam-packed. You will no doubt enjoy the South.

Freemasonry is a full-time activity. It may quite "infringe" in our busy schedule but it is definitely satisfying.

At bit of history. Just afer the 2nd World War, there were about 130,000 Freemasons [in Australia]. Today, we are 13,000.

Are we relevant with the times? If we are the most moral and virtuous Order, we are relevant always.

With fraternal zeal,

Fred Sese

[Bro Fred Sese and W Bro Russ Dodson are Foundation Members of Lodge Jose Rizal, both are from Lodge Alpha. W Bro Russ is the sitting Master of Lodge Alpha. While Bro Fred Sese is a perennial visitor [hence the Traveller] in various Lodges in the United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT.]

Friday, February 12, 2010

W Brother Godofredo "Fred" Enriquez Drops Working Tools: 24 June 1948 - 12 Feb 2010

Brethren & Ladies,

It is with deep sadness that I inform you of the death of our W Bro Fred Enriquez this morning at 10:15am at the hospital with his immediate family & friends at his bedside.

Let us continue to pray for those he left behind, grieving at the loss of a husband, father, friend, brother & co-worker. May he rest in peace.

This sad news was relayed to us by VW Bro Manny Maniago, who got the call from W Bro Rolly Manarang. Further schedule will be announce once they are available.

Our condolences and prayers to Sis Dolly & family.

W Bro Fred is a member of Lodge Beauty of Cabra Vale No 743, Lodge Star of Australia No 200; and of late a Foundation member and Director of Ceremonies-designate of Lodge Jose Rizal No 1045. He is also a long standing member of FilMasons NSW, Inc.


Prayers, Viewing & Funeral Schedule:

Viewing -  Thursday, 18 February 2010 at 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
                 Pinegrove Memorial Park Chapel, Kington Street
                 [off Great Western Highway], Minchinbury NSW 2770

Masonic Funeral Rites - Thursday, 18 February 2010
                                      After the prayers for the departed
                                      at Pinegrove Memorial Park Chapel
                                      [Please don't forget: attire dark lounge suit & apron.]

Funeral Mass - 20 February 2010 at 10:00 AM
                        Mary Immaculate Catholic Church,
                        110 Mimosa Drive, Bossley Park NSW 2176
                        [Parking, off Restwell Road]

Internment - 20 February 2010 after Church Funeral Rites
                   Pinegrove memorial Park, Kington Street
                   [off Great Western Highway], Michinbury NSW 2770

Prayers for the departed every night, 7:00 PM at 38 Alamein Road, Bossley Park NSW 2176.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Passions & Prejudices by VW Bro Robert K Taylor

"As Freemasons we are meant to be calm, courteous, rational seekers of the truth and all the while endeavouring to extend the circle of our friendships, nurturing old friendships, and making new. You will readily perceive that passions and prejudices are contrary to the gaining of new and the keeping of old friends. Why do we indulge ourselves in these undesirable traits when they are so obviously contrary to the teachings we receive and the need of our journey through life?

We are humans, and imperfect, even though we are striving for perfection. We have much difficulty in keeping that unruliest member of our body – the tongue – under control and say things that we later regret, but by then it is too late. As Omar Khayyam wrote, “The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on nor all thy piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.”

So why do we indulge ourselves in these weaknesses when we know in our heart that we should not?"

To read full article, please click here.
My thanks to VW Bro Robert K Taylor for his kind permission to publish this article.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Activities

1. 3rd Feb, Wednesday at 6 pm - Lodge Burnside No 729 Burn's Night at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre, $15 Dining fee, Black tie & after five for the Ladies.

2. 11th Feb, Thursday at 7:30 pm - Regular Meeting Lodge Beecroft No 359 at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre. There is a lecture by VW Bro John Robb "The Missing links of our Third Degree".

3. 12th Feb, Friday at 6:15 pm - Lodge Alpha No 970 500th Regular Meeting Celebration, Blacktown Masonic Centre, corner First & Boys Avenues, Blacktown. Hosted by LJR Foundation member, W Bro Russ Dobson; WM Lodge Alpha. Tickets $25 per person, Black tie & after five for the ladies.

4. 16th Feb, Tuesday at 6:15 pm Tyling [Visitors 6:30pm, Grand Lodge 7:00pm] - Re-Installation Ceremony of WBro Shad Hassen at Lodge Woollahra No 341,  Bondi Masonic Centre, 140 Bondi Road, Bondi. Dining fee $40.00, RSVP essential, Black tie.

5. 20th Feb, Saturday at 6:30 pm - FilMasons NSW, Inc Ladies Night at Bay View Hotel's 25th Floor Restaurant, 90 William St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2010. Approximately $50 per person, RSVP please to any FilMason officer.

6. 27th Feb, Saturday at 5:15pm [visitors' tyling] Lodge Cedars No 1041 Installation of Officers [our sponsor], Punchbowl Masonic Centre, 29 Arthur Street Punchbowl NSW 2196. $50 per person, Lounge suit for men, & after five for the ladies. RSVP 20th Feb.

I have District 32 diaries, if you want one cost is $4.00 per copy.


Mario Baylon Jr

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lodge Alpha to celebrate 500th Meeting: 12 Feb

The Worshipful Master
 W Bro Russell "Russ" Dobson

Invites you & your partner to join him on this Special Occasion
At the Masonic Centre, Blacktown, corner First Avenue & Boys Avenue

Celebrating the 500th Regular Meeting of
Lodge Alpha No 970

Friday, 12th of February 2010
Lodge tyles 6:15pm - Visitors 6:30pm - Grand Lodge 7:00pm

[Dining fee $25 per person, ticket holders only for catering purposes.]


There is no doubt about it - as I said to our WM this afternoon that was the best Masonic celebration I have ever attended. The venue was perfect.The entertainment was first rate. The atmosphere, the camaraderie and Brotherly love filled the auditorium - I will never forget it and I think the Grand Master will be smiling for weeks - Let's keep him smiling at Alpha's 500th Meeting on Feb 12. I am looking forward to seeing my fellow LJR Brothers march in with our WM!

Congratulations Management committee and Ladies of LJR - a wonderful Masonic event!

W Bro Russell "Russ" Dobson
WM Lodge Alpha No 970
Foundation Member Lodge Jose Rizal No 1045
[On Lodge Jose Rizal's Consecration]

Lodge Jose Rizal No 1045 Consecration

The UGL of NSW & ACT delegation, headed by Most Wor Bro Levenston [3rd from left], next to him is VW Bro Manny Maniago and Rt W Bro Rey Porras. Beside the GM is PGM Brooke [2nd from left] & flanking them is the Assistant GM & Deputy GM. [Photo courtesy of WBro Steve Markovic].

[Below was an article published in the District 32 website.]

"Countless hours of preparation and fine tuning went into the planning of the Consecration of Lodge Jose’ Rizal No 1045, long before the thirtieth of January 2010 arrived, and in anticipation of the huge numbers expected, which included The Most Worshipful Grand Master and ‘The Team,’ when the day finally arrived, the Castle Hill Masonic Centre was a hive of activity from early morning.

The foundation members were not disappointed, as long before the day arrived, tickets amounting to over two hundred and sixty were sold for the Banquet being held at the Castle Hill RSL Club. On the day Brethren began arriving at the Centre well before the scheduled tyling time of three P.M. and as the hour approached the centre was filled to full capacity. Somehow, over one hundred and seventy crammed into the Lodge Room including The Most Worshipful Grand Master, the Deputy and Assistant Grand Masters and in excess of Fifty Grand Lodge Officers and at three o’clock precisely, the ancient ceremony of Consecration got under way.

The Lodge Room was very colourful as the members of Jose Rizal had special shirts [Barong Tagalog or Tagalog shirt] made and imported from their homeland, very light blue in colour, with the Square and Compasses embossed in several places on the front, a photo of Joze Rizal himself embroided on the left breast which looked very symbolic, smart and dressy.

Gavels were presented to the Re Installing Master RW Bro Rey Porras by W Bro Greg Todio, the Worshipful Master of a sister Filipino-Masons [Lodge] Association in Victoria and a goodly number of brethren traveled up from our Southern State to both see the presentation and to witness the Consecration Ceremony, these brethren were both well received and recognized by the Installing Master.

The traditional age old ceremony of Consecration and the dispensing of corn, wine, oil and salt and the blessing with incense was soon completed and The Most Worshipful Grand Master declared Lodge Jose Rizal, a consecrated lodge, and duly placed the brand new Charter, bordered boldly in gold, in front of the Master’s pedestal.

The Lodge was then called from labour to refreshment and all retired for a welcome comfort break and a bite to eat before returning to the Lodge room where the Lodge was called back to labour and the ceremony of Re-Installation of VW Bro Emmanuel Maniago and the Investiture of the Foundation Members of Lodge Jose Rizal began, with RW Bro Rey Porras as Re Installing Master. The Investiture of officers was a colourful presentation as was said previously, all were wearing their especially made shirts which is the traditional formal Masonic dress  in the Philippines, and to further enhance the ceremony the addresses to the Worshipful Master and to the Brethren were expertly delivered by the Deputy and Assistant Grand Masters respectively.

In his address to the brethren the Most Worshipful Grand Master warmly congratulated the members of Jose Rizal and all who aided and assisted in making it such a successful day and went on to say there were many more Lodges planned for consecration in the months ahead, all then retired and made their way either by shuttle bus [courtesy of Castle Hill RSL Club] or their own means to the Castle Hill RSL Club where the ladies were waiting in the huge [Lyceum] auditorium and the Consecration & Installation banquet got under way.

Whilst eating and between toasts all were entertained by musicians and singers [Del & Bona] and in the latter part of the evening, all had their breath taken away by the lavish and patriotic costumes and dancing of the ladies of Jose Rizal members and as the evening continued, the Grand Master and Judith Morrice joined in with great enthusiasm, the dancing and the fun.

The book ‘Real Men Wear Aprons’ was on sale and both the Most Worshipful Grand Master, the Senior and Junior Grand Warden signed each copy purchased and all copies were sold. W Bro Russell Dobson, the Worshipful Master of Lodge Alpha proposed the visitors toast which was responded to by three visiting brethren, W Bro Bill Casley, W Bro Read and W Bro Cesar Solis from Victoria.

We applaud the foundation members and all those who aided, assisted and took part in some way in the Consecration and Re- Installion of Lodge Jose Rizal No 1045 which I am sure will quickly become a leading Lodge within our Fraternity and we wish them well."

Our special thanks to VW Bro David Keelty, District 32 District Grand Inspector of Workings.

District 32 Burns' Night: 3rd Feb

"Scotland’s national bard turned 250 last year and his native country has pulled out all the stops to celebrate. Burns, known as much for his sentimental lyrics (“My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose,” “Auld Lang Syne,” etc.) as he is for his poetry, is so beloved that his birthday (Jan. 25) inspires elaborate feasts called Burns Suppers, featuring haggis, whisky and recitations of his poetry."

"The annual celebratory tribute to the life, works & spirit of the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns [1759-1796]. Celebrated on or about the Bard's birthday, January 25th, Burns Suppers range from stentoriously formal gatherings of aesthetes & scholars to uproariously informal rave-ups of drunkards & louts.

"Most Burns Suppers fall in the middle of this range, and adhere, more or less, to some sort of time honoured form which includes the eating of a traditional Scottish meal, the drinking of Scotch whisky, & the recitation of works by, about, and in the spirit of the Bard."

Lodge Burnside No 729 is hosting District 32's Burn's Night on Wednesday, 3rd February at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre [corner of Showground & Northern Roads, Castle Hill] after their Lodge Meeting [tyling at 6:00 PM]. Ladies are especially invited, dining fee is $15.00.

Piper is Bro Fraser Smith while WBro Alan Summers will give the Address to the Haggis and Tribute to Robert Burns.

Thank you & Kudos


Another milestone was marked in the history of Freemasonry in the United Grand Lodge of NSW and ACT, and that is the birth of Lodge Jose Rizal 1045.

Our Constitution & Consecration went smoothly and the Banquet Dinner was superb. Presentation of our performers were magnificent.

I would like to congratulate everyone in the planning committee, as well as all Foundation Members for a job well done. As I have said in my speech last night [30 Jan], I am humbled and at the same time share the excitement as we  continue to direct this fraternity in a positive direction. May the GAOTU grant us wisdom to achieve what we hope for in the formation of this lodge and as it continue to grow and prosper for many years to come.

There are too many people to thank, from the management group down to the banquet venue staff. Our hard work and dedication has paid off and the result was fantastic. Now the real job has begun and with several candidates on hand, exemplifications and other social committments, we must always be united and practice brotherly love, relief and truth. Thank you so much.

Together brethren,

Manny Maniago
WM, Lodge Jose Rizal 1045

Photo above shows VWBro Manny Maniago receiving his re-installation certificate as Worshipful Master of Lodge Jose Rizal from Most Wor Bro Levenston, Grand Master UGL NSW & ACT.
[Photo courtesy of WBro Steve Markovic]
The Consecration was excellent, even more was the Banquet.

Most brethren that I invited personally were impressed with the high number of Masons especially their partners.

According to WBro Michael Pajor from Woollahra, he hasn't seen anything like it for a long long time.

My fellow brothers from Horizons, Bro Steven Bright and Craig Shai-Hee added that it was the best South they have attended and both agreed that if all the lodges do the same, we will retain young masons.

I have attended a few Consecrations and Installations and I am impressed with the work and the hard work that everyone put in, especially in organizing the Banquet. Even during the banquet, WBro Rudy Romerosa [Foundation Junioe Warden] continue hover among the tables to check if everything is ok.

Thank you brethren and most of all, thank you to all the ladies who assisted and attended.


Kristan F Regalado
Foundation Asst DC
Senior Warden - Horizons 1032
Secretary - Woollahra 341
Founding Member - Jose Rizal 1045