Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reflections of a Traveller

Reflections on the Recent Past

My Dear Brothers,

I am enclosing this inspirational exhortation of our Worshipful Master, W Bro Russell Dobson.

The question is: "Do we really know each other that brotherly?" Let us discuss and suggest some more about how we should [and could] be close to each other in the spirit of brotherly love.

If you ask me where I gained my apprenticeship in Freemasonry, my reply is visiting Lodges not only inside but outside the District.

The Lodges of Instruction is another where we gain experience and make our mistakes. The Preceptor of the Lodge is always mindful of helping newcomers, welcoming and giving them roles in the Rituals. You may also ask questions, or you may practice your charges if you want. [This is where you are allowed to make mistakes.]

A new buzz is happening in the Windsor and Orchard Hill Masonic Centres.

The three Lodges at Windsor [Masonic Centre], i. e., Lodge Heritage, Lodge Seymour and Lodge Richard Coley are having a joint meeting. They will take turns in the Chair.What a wonderful idea!

At Orchard Hills [Masonic Centre], Lodge Emu Plains and Lodge Warragamba is having a friendly rivalry. They are trying to outdo each other in who has the bigger fraternals.

At Blacktown [Masonic Centre], we only have two Lodges, [Lodge Alpha being the other]. Lodge Blacktown-Kildare is being invigorated by more Degree work. That is great news. I believe we should visit them more often.

Last week at Lodge Seymour, I was surprised to see so many cars in the car park. The work of the evening was to pass two EAFs [Entered Apprentice Freemasons] from Lodge Blacktown-Kildare. The support given to their Apprentices was heart-warming. What filled the South was the two fraternals, and yes; from Lodge Emu Plain and Warragamba. I was the only visitor from [our] Lodge Alpha, but at least we were represented. Of course, I also represented Lodge Jose Rizal.

What about Lodge Jose Rizal 1045? It is the youngest Lodge in NSW and the ACT. If your weekdays are busy, do take time-out to visit this newest vibrant Lodge. It meets every 2nd Saturday of the odd month [beginning January] at the Castle Hills Masonic Centre, corner Northern and Showground roads. Tyling is at 7:00 pm, I think [Actually, tyling is at 6:00 pm, rehearshals at 7:00 pm, click here for more details]. The first meeting after Consecration is on March 13, a Saturday. I am certain, the Lodge room will be jam-packed. You will no doubt enjoy the South.

Freemasonry is a full-time activity. It may quite "infringe" in our busy schedule but it is definitely satisfying.

At bit of history. Just afer the 2nd World War, there were about 130,000 Freemasons [in Australia]. Today, we are 13,000.

Are we relevant with the times? If we are the most moral and virtuous Order, we are relevant always.

With fraternal zeal,

Fred Sese

[Bro Fred Sese and W Bro Russ Dodson are Foundation Members of Lodge Jose Rizal, both are from Lodge Alpha. W Bro Russ is the sitting Master of Lodge Alpha. While Bro Fred Sese is a perennial visitor [hence the Traveller] in various Lodges in the United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT.]

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