Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Activities

1. 3rd Feb, Wednesday at 6 pm - Lodge Burnside No 729 Burn's Night at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre, $15 Dining fee, Black tie & after five for the Ladies.

2. 11th Feb, Thursday at 7:30 pm - Regular Meeting Lodge Beecroft No 359 at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre. There is a lecture by VW Bro John Robb "The Missing links of our Third Degree".

3. 12th Feb, Friday at 6:15 pm - Lodge Alpha No 970 500th Regular Meeting Celebration, Blacktown Masonic Centre, corner First & Boys Avenues, Blacktown. Hosted by LJR Foundation member, W Bro Russ Dobson; WM Lodge Alpha. Tickets $25 per person, Black tie & after five for the ladies.

4. 16th Feb, Tuesday at 6:15 pm Tyling [Visitors 6:30pm, Grand Lodge 7:00pm] - Re-Installation Ceremony of WBro Shad Hassen at Lodge Woollahra No 341,  Bondi Masonic Centre, 140 Bondi Road, Bondi. Dining fee $40.00, RSVP essential, Black tie.

5. 20th Feb, Saturday at 6:30 pm - FilMasons NSW, Inc Ladies Night at Bay View Hotel's 25th Floor Restaurant, 90 William St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2010. Approximately $50 per person, RSVP please to any FilMason officer.

6. 27th Feb, Saturday at 5:15pm [visitors' tyling] Lodge Cedars No 1041 Installation of Officers [our sponsor], Punchbowl Masonic Centre, 29 Arthur Street Punchbowl NSW 2196. $50 per person, Lounge suit for men, & after five for the ladies. RSVP 20th Feb.

I have District 32 diaries, if you want one cost is $4.00 per copy.


Mario Baylon Jr

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