Friday, January 8, 2016

Commemoration of Rizal Day 2015

The Brethren of LJR 1045 commemorates 119th Rizal Day [30 Dec 2015] with a simple wreath laying ceremony at Bro Ben Palad's [2nd from left] garden.

The LJR Ladies were there too to complete the fellowship.

The flags of our adopted home, Australia and of the Philippines side by side with the bust of Dr Jose Rizal, donated by a Brother from the Philippines: VWBro Generoso Cadawas.

WBro Khris Albano gave a short talk about Rizal, after which our Wor Master, WBro Micvi Fidel led the Brethren to a wreath laying ceremony. To make the event more special, the Brethren agreed to wear LJR's summer uniform - the Barong Tagalog. Bro Noel Gosiengfiao also took this opportunity to have a formal portrait photo shoot of the Brethren present in their Barong Tagalog.

Thank you to all who celebrated with us, even those who came in late. Special thanks to our visitors and Brethren from the Philippines and brethren from other Lodges in Sydney who dropped by, the Ladies and Brethren who prepared the food and brought drinks and especially to Bro Ben Palad who hosted the event.

Photo credit: Bro Noel Gosiengfiao via his Facebook Photography page.

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