Thursday, July 11, 2013

July - August 2013 Trestle Board

13 July - Saturday, 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting at The Castle Hill Masonic Centre

14 July - Sunday, 10:00 AM - District 32 Social Picnic at Castle Hill Heritage Park,  Heritage Park Dr,   
Castle Hill NSW 2154. BYO drinks and food.

 19 July - Friday, 7:00 PM - Sydney Masonic Centre [Grand Lodge Bldg at Castlereaght St City] The inaugural Freemasons Annual Multicultural Exchange [FAME] meeting hosted by Lodge Galileo 1019.

There are other invitations & Fraternals as planned by our Wor Master - Manny Santos:

3 Aug - Saturday, 6:00 PM - Masquerade Dinner Dance[Fund Raising & Awareness for Prostrate Cancer] hosted by Cedars Lodge at The Emporium Function Centre, Level 1, 258 South Terrace, Bankstown 2200. Ladies invited. $75 per. Dress: formal with mask.

[ON HOLD Till Further Notice] 9 Aug - Friday, 6:00 PM Tyling - Lodge Beauty of Cabra Vale No 743 Re-Installation [Fairfield Masonic Centre, 6 York St Fairfield] Our WBro Jack Sta Maria is the WM-elect. $25 South charge. Ladies invited.

10 Aug - Saturday, 5:00 PM Tyling - Hawkesbury Heritage Lodge No 150 Re-Installation [Hawkesbury Masonic Centre, 731 George St South Windsor] VWBro Allan Owen is the WM-elect; & will be attended by the Grand Master, MWBro Derek Robson. Ladies invited & dines courtesy of the Wor Master.

17 Aug - Saturday, 5:00 PM Tyling - Lodge Blacktown-Kildare No 393 Installation [Blacktown Masonic Centre, 30 First Ave., Blacktown]. Bro Ron Calpito is the WM-elect. Ladies invited.

18 Aug - Sunday, 11:00 AM - Castle Hill Masonic Centre. LJR Management Meeting, Rehearsal & Fellowship. Families & friends invited. Please bring a dish or two if you can.

22 Aug - Thursday, 6:30 PM Tyling - Lodge Fidelity King Solomon No 101 Re-Installation [Hurlstone Park Masonic Centre, Cnr Marcia and Duntroon Sts., Hurlstone Park]. WBro Jomar Cabral is the WM-elect. Our very own RWBro Fidel Pamplona is the Grand Master's Representative. Ladies invited.

  -------------- District 32 BBQ Sizzles Schedule at Bunnings---------------------


Just reposting this schedule for everybody to join in one or more from the sizzles dates:

Saturday 20th July North Parramatta

Saturday 3rd August Castle Hill

Sunday 22nd September North Parramatta

Saturday 28th September Castle Hill

Saturday 30th November North Parramatta

Sunday 1st December Dural

Saturday 21st December North Parramatta

See some of you there!


WBro MannyS

[Above are Bunning store locations.]

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