Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lodge Jose Rizal's May 2013 Meeting

Though Lodge Jose Rizal’s May meeting was a dress rehearsal of the Third Degree, Filipino Constitution [Grand Lodge of the Philippines - GLP] for two big meetings yet to come, Lodge Turumurra on Saturday the twenty fifth of May tyling at five thirty and the Egyptian Room at Petersham on Saturday the first of June; all in attendance benefited greatly by their attendance as all learned much more about the Third Degree than book or word of mouth could ever tell and; the Tribute to Mother at the Festive Board on the eve of Mother’s day touched ever one’s heart, a most enjoyable, educational and unforgettable evening.

With approaching thirty in the Lodge Room and W Bro Manuel Santos in the chair, the Lodge tyled at six o’clock and the minutes, correspondence and general business was quickly dealt with by the Lodge Secretary, RW Bro Fidel Pamplona. The accounts and monies outstanding as well as financial statements were then presented and dealt with by the Lodge Treasurer RW Bro Emmanuel Maniago before all visitors were admitted and cordially welcomed by the Worshipful Master.

The Lodge was then taken from Labour to Refreshment and after a short comfort break, the Lodge Room was prepared for the coming rehearsal. After some instruction as to the response to be given by all, in regards to the knocks by the Master in the Chair W Bro Romy Nieto, and Bro Rommel Cruz as candidate, the ceremony commenced. The officers obviously enjoyed their respective roles and needed little or no guidance as the rehearsal unfolded, a ceremony, on similar lines, but far divorced from the ceremony practiced in Australia.

Section one completed and no time to rehearse the second section, the Lodge was bought back from Refreshment to Labour and all final business dealt with including Inquiries and announcements before the Worshipful Master closed the Lodge and all retired to the South to join family and friends.

Grace was said by the Lodge Chaplin Bro Julio Roson and the Loyal toast proposed before all enjoyed a beautiful meal prepared and presented by the Ladies of Lodge Jose Rizal which was so delicious that many went back for more. The Director of Ceremonies, W Bro Kris Albano then took the floor and invited many couples to the front to speak of their marriage and relationship and on completion and a photo opportunity taken, were given a long stemmed red rose.

Such is the Peace Love and Harmony of Lodge Jose Rizal, a Lodge of honour and pride for the members to belong to, a Lodge of experience and example for those who visit,

May it long Flourish-Grow and Prosper.

‘To Our Next Happy Meeting at Lodge Jose Rizal No 1045’

Which meets at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre, usually on the Second Saturday [odd months] but the next meeting will be held on the Third Saturday in June the fifteenth.

RW Bro Bruce Quirk's article as appeared on District 32 website

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