Friday, October 22, 2010

Lodge Horizons' Bro Kristan Install: 23 Oct

Brethren and friends,

Next Saturday is Lodge Horizons Installation at the Sydney Masonic Centre and afterwards a really great dinner dance party.

The Installation starts at 3:30pm but the real gem is the dinner party afterwards - this is not the usual install south as it is designed to be a great night out for you and your wives, partners, friends and children, yes children are welcomed!! Many children are already booked in so no excuse for families not coming along; wives, friends and partners do not have to wait outside the Lodge as they can come afterwards and join us at 6:30pm for canapĂ©s and drinks and sit down dinner at 7pm [for a meal] or they can go shopping in the City.

A sensational band (Tall Pop Syndrome) will start with mellow music for the dinner and then crank it up for or a full on dance music will be entertaining us all. This is a great night out with great food and entertainment on a Saturday night in Sydney town. The cost is $55 for adults and $30 for children [this is a ticketed event.].This has to be the best value big night out in Sydney that I know.

All you single brethren here is your chance to bring along friends or girlfriends and impress them with your class! There will be many younger ladies there.

The guest Grand Lodge representative for the night is the Most Worshipful Brother Anthony Lauer, Past Grand Master and Past Police Commissioner of NSW plus many other guests and dignitaries.

Dress for the install is lounge suite with tie or your normal Lodge attire, whichever you wish. Our guest dress is Lounge Suite or smart cocktail wear. No jeans, sports shoes, thongs or causal wear. Children smart dress.

Lodge Horizons has been a great supporter of Lodge Woollahra as well as many other Lodges. Many of our members were founding members of  this young man's Lodge. Kris Regalado, our past Secretary is going into the chair and he needs our support!

Peter Zeilic
Director of Ceremonies
Lodge Woollahra No 341

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FilMasons NSW said...


I hope you enjoyed my Installation last night.

I am proud to be a member of Lodge Jose Rizal.

The support, loyalty and most of all, the solidary you showed last night is appreciated.

Thank you WM and brethren for the large fraternal delegation.

Thank you VW Bro Fidel Pamplona for being the Grand DC at my Installation - It was probably one of the easiest job as Grand DC you've attended!

With the assistance, advise and rehearsals you all have given me, my Installation went well.

I also appreciate the presence of our families who were there to enjoy the night.