Wednesday, April 1, 2009



My congratulations for selecting Lodge Jose Rizal. Like our national hero and brother mason, Lodge Jose Rizal will play a great role in the United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT. It is our intention to be involved in the operational and ceremonial activities of our grand lodge.

Jose Rizal Lodge members will be urged to excel through training and education. We are trying to be selective on our membership because we would like HARMONY, PEACE and LOVE prevails in our lodge . We would like commitment not only from our members, but also from our wives, partners and children, it will be an extended family for every member.

More power to Lodge Jose Rizal!

Together Brethren.

WBro Manny Maniago


Lito said...

Congratulations & more power mga Kuyang!

Bro Zander Nanong
Jose Rizal Lodge #22, MWGLP, Manila

Present Location:
Bristow Helicopters (Nigeria) Ltd.
ExxonMobil Offshore Operations
Eket, Nigeria

FilMasons NSW said...

Thank you Kuyang Zander. It is glad to have another brother from Jose Rizal Lodge No 22!

Bro M Baylon Jr