Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Masons at Work: District 32 Charity BBQ Sizzles Schedule


Once again our Bunnings sizzles are on and we are seeking enthusiastic support from our lodges to assist in staffing on the day. Please ask your members if they can assist.

The following dates are allocated to our District so far for 2014:

18 January, Saturday, Castle Hill
27 January, Monday, North Parramatta
09 March, Sunday, North Parramatta
12 April, Saturday, Seven Hills
03 May, Saturday, North Parramatta
24 May, Saturday, Castle Hill
15 June, Sunday, Dural
06 July, Sunday, North Parramatta
10 August, Sunday, Castle Hill
06 September, Saturday, Seven Hills
12 October, Sunday, Dural
09 October, Sunday, Castle Hill
14 December, Sunday, Castle Hill
27 December, Saturday, Dural.

Many thanks to all for the great ongoing friendship and support.

Bill Driver

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trestle Board of Activities - Feb-Mar 2014

10 Feb, Monday, Tyling 7:00pm - Fraternal, Lodge Galileo, Sydney Masonic Centre

16 Feb, Sunday, Tee off starting at 6:30am, - Fred Enriquez Memorial Cup, Fairfield Golf Course
A flight [four players] has been allocated to LJR. For more info, please contact WBro Rolly Manarang or RWBro Manny Maniago

16 Feb, Sunday, 5:30pm - LJR Rehearsal [Raising], Castle Hill Masonic Centre [Cancelled]

22 Feb, Saturday, Tyling 4:30pm, Grand Lodge 5:00pm, Petersham Masonic Centre, Petersham.  Ladies Invited and the Banquet cost is $40.00 per head. The Worshipful Master will lead the fraternal to support Lodge Cedars Installation. Please let our Secretary know the brethren attending the banquet ASAP for booking purposes.

23 Feb, Sunday, 6:00pm sharp till 11:00pm - LJR Ladies' Night, The Wattle Room, Blacktown Workers Club, 55 Campbell St, Blacktown. $45.00 per head and dress code is smart casual.

28 Feb, Friday, 6:30pm for 7:00pm start - *Rehearsal [Passing of our 3 Candidates] & fellowship, Castle Hill Masonic Centre

01 Mar, Saturday, 5:30pm - Final LJR Rehearsal [Raising] & Management Meeting, Castle Hill Masonic Centre

07 Mar, Friday, Tyling 7:30pm - Fraternal & *Passing of LJR Candidates courtesy of Lodge Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill Masonic Centre.

08 Mar, Saturday, Tyling 5:00pm - LJR Regular Meeting [Raising], Castle Hill Masonic Centre
In the morning, at a time designated by our JW, Lodge set up. Please assist, 'more hands makes the job lighter.

09 Mar, Sunday, 9:00am - 4:00pm - District 32 Charity BBQ Sizzles, Bunnings North Parramatta, 1 North Rocks Rd, North Rocks, NSW 2151

Some items updated by Bro Secretary on 17 Feb email. Please note changes.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

LJR’s Family Christmas Party and Emergent Meeting - 07 December 2013

by RWBro Fidel Pamplona, PSGW

Considering the month of December is the busiest time of the year for holidays, family reunions and some of the members taking advantage of the festive season to visit and be with their relatives; LJR emergent meeting attendance were still in excess of more than seventy, including the Brethren, their wives, families and friends.
Held at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre last Saturday, 7th of December, it was Lodge Jose Rizal’s Family Christmas Celebration and an emergent meeting where Mr. Arnel Santos and Mr. Noel Gosiengfiao became Brother Arnel Santos and Brother Noel Gosiengfiao among Masons.

As the newly ‘excited’ Worshipful Master, WBro Manuel Placido; first time to preside in the Chair of King Solomon, the Lodge was tyled at exactly 5:00PM and was opened in the First Degree. The Worshipful Master welcomed and thanked all the Brethren present and those that brought their families and friends for the Lodge’s special occasion. He congratulated all his newly invested officers and trusted that they will keep their posts well alight with the guidance of the senior officers and members.

The Minutes, Correspondence and other matters arising were presented by the Lodge Secretary, RW Bro Fidel Pamplona. It was moved and seconded by the Senior Warden, Bro Mario Baylon, Jr and the Junior Warden, Bro Micvi Fidel respectively. The accounts and money matters were then presented by Lodge Treasurer, WBro Manuel Santos and were adopted by those in attendance.

All members of Lodge Jose Rizal were then admitted followed by visitors from within and without the District. Visitors outside the District are represented by RWBro Brian Potter, PRGC R-11 of Lodge Sydney St. George and WBro Ron Dixon of Lodge Hornsby.

The Worshipful Master called the nominators to give effect for the acceptance of the application for affiliation of WBro Ian Harrison of Lodge Alpha 970. The replies were positive and of good reports. The Worshipful Master called for the acceptance of WBro Ian Harrison by show of hands. The result was favourable and was accepted. The Worshipful Master then requested to admit WBro Ian Harrison and congratulated him for affiliating with Lodge Jose Rizal. WBro Ian Harrison gratefully thanked the Worshipful Master and the members of Lodge Jose Rizal for accepting him to be a member of LJR. The Worshipful Master presented him with the By-Laws of the Lodge, nameplate and other LJR kit such as necktie, lapel pin and Barong Tagalog which were given later in the South.

With dispensation received from the Regional Grand Counsellor, RW Bro Robert Moore, a successful ballot was then conducted for the admission into Freemasonry of Mr Arnel Santos, sponsored by WBro Rolando Manarang of LJR and Bro Gerry Buraga of Lodge Beauty of Cabravale and; Mr. Noel Gosiengfiao, a MAS Candidate on which the Grand Master MWBro Derek Robson AM and the Grand Secretary RWBro Kevin McGlinn PDGM empowered to permit VWBro Graham Andrews, DGIW-32 and RWBro Fidel Pamplona, PSGW as the Representatives of the Board of Management to act as the nominators for this applicant.

The Worshipful Master, WBro Manuel Placido invited WBro Khris Albano to take the Chair of King Solomon to preside the Ceremony of Initiation. VWBro Rudy Romerosa took over the position of Director of Ceremonies and RWBro Rey Porras as the Immediate Past Master. The Lodge Treasurer, WBro Manny Santos, retired to check on the two candidates for readiness and shortly after his return, an alarm was sounded. Upon inquiry, it was found that Mr Arnel Santos and Mr. Noel Gosiengfiao were at the door of the Lodge properly prepared and humbly soliciting to be admitted into the mysteries and privileges of Ancient Freemasonry. With the guidance of the newly invested Junior Deacon, Bro Eric Buenavista and supported by the Senior Deacon, Bro Paolo Beringuel, the two candidates were perambulated accordingly for the ceremony of their initiation. The charges were faultlessly executed and recited with particular mention of the “Mode of Preparation” as explained by Bro Oscar Eugenio with such feelings and in full control which was an inspirational to watch and an absolute joy to listen to.

The ceremony was over and a photo opportunity was taken, WBro Khris Albano explained to the newly initiated Brethren, Bro Santos and Bro Gosiengfiao the acronym of the word “MAP” on which he said that every Freemason requires when travelling in their journey in Freemasonry and not only in their Lodge meetings but in places in the four quarters of the globe. The “MAP” stands for Memorisation, Attendance and Presentation and or Personality. WBro Kris Albano stressed to them the great opportunity and privilege of being members of this Ancient Fraternity; and especially to this young and progressive lodge, Lodge Jose Rizal. He then handed them the Book of Constitutions, the By-Laws of LJR, the First Degree Book, and other reading materials assuring that they will peruse these during their spare time. WBro Kris Albano also mentioned that should they visit a Lodge, they will present the Freemason’s Passport for their attendance and there is always a seat allocated to them which is located at the North East Corner of the Lodge. Finally, congratulated and .thanked them for joining Lodge Jose Rizal and being good candidates. WBro Khris Albano handed back the Chair to WBro Manuel Placido, and thanked him for the privilege of giving him the opportunity to do the ceremony for the first time under the NSW Constitution with the support and guidance of RWBro Fidel Pamplona, RWBro Rey Porras and VWBro Rudy Romerosa. The Worshipful Master, WBro Manuel Placido thanked WBro Khris Albano and all the Officers and brethren involved in the ceremony.

The Worshipful Master asked the RW Bro Secretary if there was any other business to be done. The Senior Warden, Bro Mario Baylon, Jr stood-up and moved a motion that Lodge Jose Rizal shall apply and pursue the “Application for Lodge Accreditation”. This was seconded by the Junior Warden, Bro Micvi Fidel. RWBro Rey Porras briefly explained the procedure of getting the Lodge Accredited and gave some inspirational motivation to the members on which he also fully supported the proposal. The Lodge Accreditation was also discussed during the Management Committee meeting. RWBro Fidel Pamplona and RWBro Rey Porras gave the Management Committee the background and summary of Lodge Accreditation and were fully supported by all brethren present at the committee. The Worshipful Master then asked the brethren if they were in favour for the proposal and the brethren showed their full enthusiasm and willingness to go ahead with the proposal unanimously.

The Worshipful Master called-in if there were any apologies. An Inquiry for Membership from The Hills Lodges was announced with the replied not known. Being no other business, the Worshipful Master closed the Lodge and all retired to the South.

After the Lodge Chaplain, Bro Jay Roson, had said Grace, all sat down to a beautiful meal, courtesy of the Ladies of Lodge Jose Rizal and especially the delicious food prepared and cooked by our LJR Bro Master Chef, Bro Oscar Eugenio. Whilst everyone was having the delicious Christmas Banquet and busy with telling stories and fellowship banter, Bro Oliver Gadista and his live band played soft music for easy listening. The Worshipful Master proposed the Loyal Toast then followed by the Senior Deacon, Bro Paolo Beringuel to propose a Toast to the Newly Initiated Brothers. The Director of Ceremonies, Bro Khris Albano, called each of the newly initiated brethren Bro Santos and Bro Gosiengfiao to response and also to the newly affiliated brother, WBro Ian Harrison; which they did with grateful thanks and appreciation. Also, they were called and presented to the stage with a surprise request by the Director of Ceremonies to sing the song “La Bamba” with accompaniment from Bro Oliver’s band. The new members courageously delivered their “first charge” with complete body language and great symphony that the audience could not hold-on to their thunderous acclamations.

The night was getting deeper, Bro Eric Buenavista proposed the Toast to the Visitors and Ladies. He mentioned about one of his gratifying experiences is visiting various Lodges. He said that visitation is a form of communication; continuing that:

“we impart and receive knowledge, ideas and expression of brotherhood and Lodge Jose Rizal always hopes that their message of friendship is passed on to other Lodges.”

Bro Buenavista also created a poem especially dedicated to the Lodge Jose Rizal’s Ladies.

“What would we do without you, preparing for occasions of this sort? What would we do without you, without your help and support. So please accept our grateful thanks, for everything you do. And to say again how please we are, to have Ladies such as you. So, to the Ladies here tonight, be they friends, sweethearts or wives, we wish to thank you very much for lighting up our lives. And so before my chair resume, my toast to you complete. There is a message from the Brethren which to you I must repeat. Our wish to all you gorgeous girls be you young or old, is to wish health and happiness and to say we love you all.”

That wonderful deliberation of poetic words by Bro Buenavista made the Ladies stun and wowed for a few seconds and were awakened with a big applause from all those present. The Toast to the Visitors was responded to by RW Bro Potter; the Toast to the Ladies by his wife - both of whom were also invited to render a song accompanied by the band. They capitulated and proceeded to sing "Daydream Believer". The ladies also responded with an inspirational Christmas caroling; which precipitated a singing of caroling contest between the More Worshipful Ladies and the Brethren [which you know who won!]; and was later capped by a joined-in singing of “Auld Lang Syne”.

The Junior Warden, Bro Micvi Fidel proposed the Junior Wardens Toast and whilst some departed and made their way to their respective homes, others stayed on and continued singing and dancing their way into the wee hours but all ever so glad they had come to Lodge Jose Rizal’s Family Christmas Party and emergent meeting and all looking forward to …”Our Next Happy Meeting at Lodge Jose Rizal No. 1045”, which meets at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre on the second Saturday [11 Jan 2014], where great night, warm and friendly hand of friendship is assured.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Trestle Board of Activities - Nov - Dec 2013

16 Nov, Saturday, Tyling 6:30 PM, Visitors 7:00 PM - Fraternal visit to Lodge Education Installation, Egyptian Room, Royal Arch Temple, 23-25 New Canterbury Road, Petersham 2049. LJR Barong Tagalog, ladies invited.

24 Nov, Sunday, From 11:30 AM onwards - Freemasons' Association Children's Christmas Party Arcadia Road Shelter 1, Fagan Park, Dural.

24 Nov, Sunday, 5:00 PM, - LJR Management Meeting & Rehearsal, Castle Hill Masonic Centre. Please bring a dish/drinks/dessert, etc. to share.

30 Nov, Saturday, From 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM - District 32 Charity Sizzle/BBQ Fund Raising, Bunnings at North Parramatta, 1/9 North Rocks Road, North Rocks. Special request to all officers & members, especially our FCMs and EAFs Brethren to assist & support. Ladies & family very welcome.

01 Dec, Sunday, From 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM - District 32 Charity Sizzle/BBQ Fund Raising, Bunnings at Dural, 248-252 New Line Road, Dural. See above for more details.

07 Dec, Saturday, Tyling 5:00 PM, Emergent Meeting to Ballot & Initiate  two candidates and Christmas Party. Castle Hill Masonic Centre. Last meeting for the year & hope to see your family!

21 Dec, Saturday, From 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM - District 32 Charity Sizzle/BBQ Fund Raising, Bunnings at North Parramatta, 1/9 North Rocks Road, North Rocks. More details, please see above 30 Nov activity. This is the last District Charity Fund Raising for the year.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Incoming Elected Officers for 2013-2014

Worshipful Master - Bro Manuel Placido

Immediate Past Master - WBro Manuel Santos

Senior Warden - Bro Mario Baylon Jr

Junior Warden - Bro Micvi Fidel

Chaplain - Bro Julio Roson

Treasurer - WBro Manuel Santos

Secretary - RWBro Fidencio Pamplona, PSGW

Director of Ceremonies - WBro Khris Albano, GStwd

Senior Deacon - Bro Paolo Beringuel

Junior Deacon - Bro Roderick Buenavista

Director of Music - WBro Herminigildo Mateo

Organist - Bro Daniel Placido

Membership Officers - RWBro Emanuel Maniago, PSGW
Membership Officer - WBro Vicente Flores

Caring Officer - WBro Remigio Nieto

Inner Guard - Bro Roberto Urqueza

Steward - Bro Troy Quimpo
Steward -  Bro Oscar Eugenio
Steward - Bro Rommel Cruz
Steward - Bro Rajeev Kalra

Outer Guard/Tyler - Rotation of LJR Past Masters

Lodge Mentor/Education Officer - RWBro Rey Porras, PSGW

Assistant Director of Ceremonies - VWBro Rodolfo Romerosa, PDGDC

Installation Night 9 November 2013
5:00 PM Tyling
Castle Hill Masonic Temple

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October-November 2013 Trestle Board


Please take note of the following events:

1.a  4 October, Friday, Tyling 7:00 PM - Passing of Bro. Roberto 'Obet" Castor at Lodge Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill Masonic Centre, corner Showground and Old Northern Roads, Castle Hill 2154.

1.b 4 October, Friday,  Tyling 7:30 PM - Raising of Bro Crezalde 'Zaldy" Pagala to the Third Degree at Lodge Sydney St. George, Campbelltown Masonic Centre, 101 Wickfield Circuit, Ambarvale 2560.

We have to split the fraternal so members can support both ceremonies. Carpooling at Lodge Sydney St. George is appropriate. Let me know if you need, and are available for rehearsal this coming Sunday, 29 Sep at 6:00PM at Castle Hill MC for both Passing & Raising.

2. 12 October, Saturday, 6:00 PM -  LJR Management Meeting and First Rehearsal for the Installation at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre. Brethren and Ladies to attend and please bring a plate of dish if you can.

3. 23 October, Wednesday, Tyling 5:45 PM - Invitation on the Re Installation of RWBro Manny Maniago, WM Elect of Lodge Kilwinning 13, [Tyling visitors from 6:00PM, Grand Lodge 6:45PM]; Oatley Masonic Centre, 11 Letitia Street, Oatley NSW. Ladies are invited. Dining charge of $20.00 for brethren and no charge for the ladies.

4.a 28 October, Monday, 7:00 PM - Lodge of Instruction, Installation Practice for all LJR Elected Officers & those with parts at the Installation. Castle Hill Masonic Centre. This is a special dry run for our forthcoming Installation. Please attend this LOI to practice our assigned task, learn the correct procedures and perambulations. This is also very important to the Worshipful Master-Elect, Wardens and Deacons to practice your part in the Installation. The Preceptor is expecting us to be there.

4.b  02 November, Saturday, 12:00 noon -  District 32 Proposed District Social Family Luncheon at the "King of Siam" [or Siam Corner] Thai Restaurant, Rouse Hill. Please indicate your intention to attend for catering & booking purposes. The indicative cost would be around $25-$28 per person, a firm cost will be provided when numbers are known. Children will be catered to.

5.a 02 November, Saturday, 5:00 PM - Final LJR Installation Rehearsal. Castle Hill Masonic Centre. Please bring a plate of dish if you can.

5.b 09 November, Saturday, 5:00 PM - LJR's Installation Night, Castle Hill Masonic Centre.

6. 30 November, Saturday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. District 32 Charity Fund Raising, Bunnings North Parramatta, 1/9 North Rocks Road, North Rocks. Please continue to support the Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings and this is a special request to our incoming members, EAF and FCFs.

Other activities and changes of schedules will be posted. Please check your emails or call me or any of our officers if you have any query.

Important reminder: any changes of home/mailing address, telephone numbers, email or any other contact details, please notify the Secretary ASAP.

Have a Happy Public Holidays, Grand Finals, Filipino Fiesta , etc. Drive carefully and see you all soon.

Kind regards,

RWB Fidel Pamplona, PSGW
Secretary, LJR 1045

LJR's September 2013 Meeting

Photo shows, from left to right: Bro Senior Deacon Micvi Fidel, VW Bro Rudy Romerosa, Bro Kim Hour Siv, Bro Jomar Crisostomo, Wor Master WBro Manny Santos and Bro Junior Deacon Paolo Beriguel.

Article & photo by RW Bro Bruce Quirk as appeared on District 32 web page.

Approaching eighty, including the Brethren their wives, family, friends and little ones were in attendance at the Castle Hill Masonic Centre on Saturday night the thirteenth of September. The Brethren, not only to see Mr Jomar Crisostomo and Mr Kim Hour Siv become Bro Jomar Crisostomo and Bro Kim Hour Siv, Brothers among Masons, but also to both see and hear the explanation of the First Degree Tracing Board delivered with such expression and meaning as only Bro Roderick Buenavista can do.

With W Bro Manuel Santos "In the Chair”, RW Bro Emmanuel Maniago as Senior Warden, W Bro Romy Nieto sitting in the Treasurer's chair and around twenty eight Brethren in the Lodge Room, the Lodge tyled at six o’clock sharp and the minutes, correspondence and general business was quickly presented and dealt with by the Lodge Secretary RW Bro Fidel Pamplona.

Visitors were then admitted, including strong representation from Lodge Woronga and Lodge Hornsby, thus swelling the numbers, which included eight Entered Apprentices and seven Fellow Crafts, to approaching fifty. An alarm was sounded and upon inquiry, it was found the District Grand Inspector of Workings for District Thirty Two VW Bro Graham Andrews was in attendance and seeking admission. With the Director of Ceremonies VW Bro Kris Albano and the Deacons taking up their respective positions, Fan Fare electronically operated by WBro Hermie Mateo, and the Brethren standing to order, the distinguished visitor entered the Lodge Room and was made most welcome by the Worshipful Master.

The election of Officers for the ensuing year of Lodge Jose Rizal was then conducted, Bro Manuel Placido accepting the role of Worshipful Master Elect, before a successful ballot was conducted for the admission into Freemasonry of Mr Jomar Crisostomo and Mr Kim Hour Sim, Mr Crisostomo a senior member of the Order of DeMolay.

VW Bro Rudy Romerosa then took the chair before an alarm was sounded; and upon inquiry it was ascertained Mr Crisostomo and Mr Siv were at the door of the Lodge, properly prepared and humbly soliciting to be admitted to the secrets and mysteries of Ancient Freemasonry. With consent by VW Bro Romerosa, the director of Ceremonies, The Lodge Chaplain and the Deacons taking up their respective positions, the candidates were admitted into the Lodge Room and in due course, Mr Crisostomo and Mr Siv became Bro Crisostomo and Bro Siv, Brothers among Masons.

The work of the evening was of a very high standard with particular mention of the final charge delivered with such meaning and expression by Bro Roberto Urqueza and with seats positioned in the centre of the floor for the eight Entered Apprentices to get a better view, the First Degree Tracing Board was explained by Bro Roderick Buenavista, which drew loud acclamation from all in the Lodge Room on completion.

The work of the evening completed, VW Bro Romerosa gave welcome to the visiting District Inspector who, with the assistance of the Director of Ceremonies, went down onto the floor to congratulate the candidates. On returning to the dais VW Bro Andrews made the Brethren aware of several forth coming events within the District, including The Hills Installation on the eighteenth of this month, The District Thirty Two Lodge of Instruction meeting on the twenty third and Lodge Resurgo working a first degree on the twenty fifth, dining at seven o’clock, prior to the meeting and of the District Thirty Two meeting commencing at six thirty on the twenty sixth. Continuing on, VW Bro Andrews thanked Lodge Jose Rizal for their continued support of the Sausage Sizzles and in particular, of the support given to the recent District Thirty Two Picnic.

The distinguished visitor then retired and before closing the Lodge, RW Bro Fidel Pamplona read out inquiries. VW Bro Romerosa then closed the Lodge and all retired to the festive board and after Grace was said by the Lodge Chaplain, Bro Julio Roson, all sat down to a beautiful meal prepared and presented as only the ladies of Lodge Jose’ Rizal can do. The Worshipful Master proposed the Loyal Toast, followed by the Toast to The Most Worshipful Grand Master and in response to the toast, VW Bro Andrews thanked the ladies of Lodge Jose Rizal for their unequalled hospitality and support of the Craft.

WBro Rolly Manarang then proposed a toast to the newly initiated Brethren and in response to the toast, the now Brother Siv said it had been his lifelong dream to become a Mason and this evening the dream had been fulfilled. Brother Crisostomo then responded and spoke of his experience in the Order of DeMolay and how Freemasonry will be his continuation of its teachings. Sis Janice Siv then rose in support of the toast and told of how Freemasonry made "Good Men, Better Men” and thanked all for their hospitality and friendship extended to her.

Bro Roderick Buenavista then proposed a toast to the visitors and to the ladies, the beautiful and ever so meaningful Lodge Jose Rizal honours were demonstrated by the Director of Ceremonies, VW Bro Kris Albano which are --

"We hold you in our hearts—We embrace you as a friend—We honour your friendship”

Bro Clive Mostoles from Lodge Woronora No 414 was then called to respond to the toast and in doing so, thanked Lodge Jose’ Rizal for an evening which would be the envy and inspiration of any Lodge. The response on behalf of the ladies was responded to by Sis Hazel Urqueza who spoke of her fond ties with Freemasonry and her love and connection with Lodge Jose’ Rizal which drew loud acclamation from all in the Festive Board.

The hour getting late, Bro Mario Baylon Jnr proposed the Junior Warden’s Toast and, whilst some departed into the warm spring evening, others stayed on for a catch up chat, party and song and all looking forward to --- "Our Next Happy Meeting at Lodge Jose Rizal No 1045”.

Such was the September meeting of Lodge Jose Rizal, a Lodge renowned for its work of excellence in the Lodge Room but far better known throughout the Fraternity for its "Peace, Love and Harmony” to all that attend, may it long continue to prosper and grow and continue to be both an inspiration and example for other Lodges to follow.

"So Mote It Be”